FrieslandCampina and our CSR policy

FrieslandCampina wants to demonstrate its close involvement in responsible dairy production as well as leadership in corporate social responsibility.

Taking up sustainability challenges

Corporate social responsibility is part of our strategy at FrieslandCampina DMV. We continuously work to improve long term health of our environment and people. Following the lead of FrieslandCampina, with companywide objectives for 2020.

Sustainable production

Key objectives for our supply chain are energy & water reduction by working smarter and more efficiently in production. We are always interested in collaborating with customers to build a more sustainable future.

Sustainable dairy farming

FrieslandCampina considers it important that milk and other raw materials are produced in a sustainable way. This means using dairy farming methods that have the lowest possible impact on the environment and are animal friendly.

Grass to glass

FrieslandCampina has its own unique quality system. We have full control over the entire production chain, from cow to milk and from milk to ingredients, so we can ensure the quality is maintained to the very highest standard.

Global low carbon footprint

FrieslandCampina is setting new standards in dairy farming. These measures prompted the International Farmers Comparison Network (IFCN) to highlight Dutch milk as having one of the smallest carbon footprints worldwide.