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White dairy

Market trend

Trends in white dairy, such as yoghurt and dairy drinks are driven by increased consumer demand for tasteful, indulgent products based on natural ingredients, which means final products without additives.
Protein is hot worldwide and consumer studies confirm that white dairy (yoghurt) is a perfect medium for protein enrichment. We see an increasing number of innovations in this area. The strong increase in the consumption of Greek style yoghurt in the USA and Europe is driven by the unique combination of a tasteful protein-rich product with a healthy image. This trend started in the USA and is evolving worldwide.
Furthermore, the worldwide trend in healthy snacking offers new opportunities for dairy producers to increase the consumption of dairy at new times.

Role of milk protein

Adding protein in white dairy enables us to create a wide range of textures, from liquid yoghurt drink to indulgent, creamy yoghurt structure. Dairy proteins are a natural texturizer with clean labelling (dairy for dairy). Furthermore, milk proteins (whey and casein protein) are popular proteins due to their ideal amino acid profile (according to FAO recommendation for complete protein).
Apart from texture and health, taste is key for consumers. Milk proteins are recognized for the best taste profile. This makes them very suitable for healthy and tasty propositions.

Our solution

At FrieslandCampina we use the fresh milk from our own cows and state-of-the-art processing conditions to supply highest quality dairy proteins for the best consumer experience.
For example, we help formulate stable yoghurts (without serum formation) and tasty, high protein concepts.
With our extensive application and nutritional know-how, we support customers in the innovation process. At our R&D Centre in Wageningen, we have the facilities to produce yoghurts and drinks on a small scale. Our application technologists work with our customers on new product concepts. We would like to invite you to talk with our experts and investigate how our dairy proteins can contribute to your innovation process.

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