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Healthy Aging

Holistic nutrition patterns for seniors needed

With the “over 65” world population set to outnumber that of infants and toddlers by 2020, it’s clear that we will need to adjust nutrition patterns. The nutritional needs are evident; intake of high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals are necessary to meet the dietary needs of the consumer. However, product presentation is not always clear. Consumers still have to be aware that their current diet can be insufficient to meet all the dietary needs. More holistic concepts might be needed, combining various parts of nutrition.

At FrieslandCampina we have made great efforts to better understand the needs of these consumers as well as how to reach them with the right products. High quality dairy proteins are the basis of these new products; companies catering to these consumers can profit from our know-how in this market. The market of senior nutrition provides endless opportunities to make a successful business. We are open to co-develop these with you.

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