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Upcoming webinar: How to define a superior protein for athletes? Science offers new opportunities for innovation.

28 March - 28 March 2018, Webinar

Protein is becoming mainstream, but for elite athletes it remains a struggle to find the right nutrition for the right time. Elite athletes look for a natural, proven concept that improves their performance. Based on scientific data, pre sleep intake of slow protein is a great opportunity to build muscle mass and increase strength, which is vital for becoming a better athlete. But which type of protein to use?

Based on current scientific literature and our own findings FrieslandCampina developed an ingredient that fits the needs of your most ambitious consumer.

Dr. Oliver Witard (Stirling University, UK) discussed the latest scientific insights on protein considerations for the athlete. During this webinar Mieke Acda of FrieslandCampina DMV highlighted the benefits of Micelate Prestige, a micellar casein isolate and one of the latest innovations in dairy protein ingredients.

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