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Upcoming webinar: “High Quality Protein for the Athlete; Essential or Overdone?”

14 November - 14 November 2016, Webinar - Performance Nutrition

Webinar “High-quality protein for the athlete; essential or overdone?”

14 November (4.00-4.45 pm)

As an athlete, you can choose from a multitude of protein types and sources to refuel after exercise. And there are protein formulations that fit every consumer’s needs. While some athletes are looking for convenience and prefer a high-protein bar or chocolate milk, other athletes want to avoid carbohydrates or lactose and favour a high-quality protein isolate. This webinar will address the important question of how essential it is to consider the quality of protein for optimal recovery after exercise.

This webinar will be hosted by Robin Weyers (Chief editor NutritionInsight.com), Mieke Acda (Nutritionist) and Dr. Stefan Gorissen PhD (McMaster University, Canada). Stefan Gorissen will inform participants about his thesis ‘Dietary factors modulating postprandial protein handling’. This examines the effects of co-ingesting carbohydrates or fat with protein on dietary protein digestion and absorption as well as muscle protein synthesis. In addition, our expert Mieke Acda will share her insights on the origin of different protein types.

Join us at this webinar and register by using this link.