• Attracting new consumers

    FrieslandCampina’s consumer research indicates *1

    • Concepts with natural positioning create more opportunities to expand your current customer base and attract new consumers looking for food & beverage solutions that support their healthy lifestyle
  • Performance Nutrition consumers are interested in

    • Natural/native: 86%
    • Less processed: 80%
  • Natural acceptance

    • Consumers find natural, less processed concepts with minimal additives appealing

Transparent Supply Chain

  • Extracted directly from fresh milk

    • Sustainable farming, pasture grazing practices *2
    • Less processed
    • Nutri Whey™ Native is non GMO *3
  • Designed for smooth processing

    • Consistent quality due to controlled whey source
    • Good solubility
    •  Neutral base creating new flavor opportunities
    • Purified through Ceramic Micro Filtration


  • Scientifically tested

    • Nutri Whey™ Native results in fast increase of plasma amino acid concentration (figure 1)*4
    • Native whey is proven to result in a higher leucine concentration when compared to other whey proteins (figure 2)*5
  • References

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    2. Willems, S. Sustainable farming statement FrieslandCampina (May 2018)

    3. We do not use any materials that have been produced using genetic engineering as ingredients in the product listed below.

    4. Clinical trial performed in 2017 with NIZO and FrieslandCampina on post-prandial blood amino acid concentrations; Data to be published and information available on request.

    5. Hamarsland, H. et al. Native whey induces higher and faster leucinemia than other whey protein supplements and milk: a randomized controlled trial. BMC Nutr. 3, 10 (2017).