• Benefits of our product

    • A sweet whey protein isolate with very clean taste and a good sensory profile
    • Proprietary filtration processing technology to preserve protein quality and nutritional integrity
    • Ideal ingredient for use in a wide range of applications ranging from active lifestyle, to medical nutrition
  • Market drivers for clear protein drinks

    • Delivers on core market drivers of taste, on-the-go convenience and nutrition
    • Consumers are increasingly looking for label friendly options, such as no added sugar, gluten or soy
    • Water drinks with added functionality, such as protein fortification, gain popularity, while taste remains critical
  • Nutri Whey Isolate Clear benefits

    For acidic clear protein beverages

    • Exceptional clarity. No sediment or cloudiness.
    • Clarity across a wider pH range delivering lower astringency and less drying mouthfeel.
    • Clean taste allowing for a wide spectrum of flavor options
  • Other Nutri Whey Isolate ingredients

    • Nutri Whey Isolate Instant*
    • Nutri Whey Isolate

    *Nutri Whey Isolate Instant will become available early 2019.

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