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Dutch Olympic athletes use FrieslandCampina DMV’s proteins for the Winter Games 2018

November 1, 2017

‘We value the quality and expertise of FrieslandCampina; therefore we approached our Supplier FrieslandCampina DMV to develop both whey and casein based protein sports nutrition products. These products will be a part of their training and nutrition strategy. The products will be available for around 680 elite athletes’, according to Kamiel Maase, performance manager sport science & innovation of NOC*NSF.
‘Elite athletes require high quality protein supplements, delivering the optimal amount and quality of protein with a limited amount of other ingredients. Also they need products to be verified free of any banned substances, documented by official anti-doping testing laboratories’, according to Mai Nygaard, Director Marketing, FrieslandCampina DMV.
At DMV we developed tailormade protein products exclusively for NOC*NSF based on premium whey and casein protein. Today, performance nutrition is becoming increasingly specialized. Athletes expect proven performance backed by science as well as tasty and convenient product formats to increase their daily protein intake. This project was an excellent opportunity for us to show our expertise and dedication to meet the nutrition and product demands of this market.

According to the latest advise published by ISSN1, athletes should ensure a daily protein intake of between 1.4 and 2.0 grams per kg of body weight. After exercise athletes are recommended to consume a serving of 20-40 g high quality protein containing between 700 and 3000 mg of leucine. Choosing a protein supplement with the ideal balance of essential amino acids and a convenient serving format is key for athletes to adhere to this advice.

In a live Webinar, ‘A Pouch for Olympic Gold’, on Nov. 16, 2017 – 4pm CET/10am EST, Prof. Asker Jeukendrup, Performance Manager Nutrition at NOC*NSF Dutch High Performance Team and René Kleinsmit, Product Group Manager at FrieslandCampina DMV will present how the protein supplements from DMV are integrated in an athlete’s daily life in preparation for the 2018 Winter Games. (register via www.dmv.nl)

FrieslandCampina DMV, part of FrieslandCampina Ingredients, is a leader in nutritional and functional dairy protein solutions for the Performance Nutrition and Food Industry. FrieslandCampina DMV has nutritional and application expertise in casein protein, whey protein and a range of other dairy ingredients.
NOC*NSF is the main organization for organized sports in the Netherlands. The 88 member organizations account for around 28.000 sport clubs which totals more than 5 million people involved in organized sports.

1 International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: protein and exercise; Authors: R. Jäger, et al.