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Excellion Protein boosts muscle recovery during a night’s sleep

April 19, 2017

For an athlete, a good night recovery is crucial. It is possible to boost muscle recovery during the night with the right recovery strategy. Excellion casein protein, ingested in the evening prior to sleep, is properly digested and absorbed, resulting in muscle protein accretion throughout a night’s sleep. Compared with fast whey protein, Excellion casein protein gives a prolonged release of amino acids to the blood stream, which lasts for over 7 hours

Wake up to the possibilities of Excellion Protein

At FrieslandCampina DMV we understand that this slow release of amino acids during a long period, gives businesess the opportunity to launch protein concepts especially focussed on Overnight Recovery. Taken into consideration that athletes are often struggling taking their protein shake immediately after workout, they can now take their proteins at a more convenient time.

For more information read about Excellion Calcium Caseinate I (instant) or Excellion Calcium Caseinate S (spray)