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FrieslandCampina DMV introduces Nutri Whey Native

March 7, 2018

Nutri Whey White peach is a premium quality whey protein extracted straight from milk resulting in a pure and natural protein source. The nativity of the product is guaranteed because it is purified through Ceramic Micro Filtration. Backed up by FrieslandCampina research the product is showing a high nutritional value of leucine (>14% than standard cheese whey) which makes it easier to reach required leucine levels for optimal muscle protein synthesis. Nutri Whey Native has a neutral clean taste and consistent sensory profile. The consumer need for healthy and natural is also reflected in performance nutrition. Nutri Whey Native meets this demand for natural food propositions offering sports nutrition manufacturers differentiation in their portfolio for premium positioning.

Download the brochure: Brochure Nutri Whey Native