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Moving with the times: FrieslandCampina DMV innovations 2018

September 28, 2018

Inspired and fascinated by dairy protein, that’s who we are. At FrieslandCampina DMV, we believe in the power of ingredients and innovations, the things we do that help our customers create products that enrich so many lives, and beyond. Working together, we never stop innovating for you!

Take a look at our line-up of innovations in 2018.

Nutri Whey™ Native
A truly natural & pure whey protein, giving opportunities to attract new consumers interested in natural product offerings.

Micelate™ Prestige

Premium quality casein protein, cold-processed, derived from high-quality milk, ensuring a sustained release of amino acids and supporting muscle mass and gain augmentation when a longer recovery period is available.

Nutri Whey™ Isolate

A premium quality ingredient derived from consistent high quality whey of Dutch-type cheeses, giving it a clean, neutral flavor and aroma. It is gently heat treated and a combination of proprietary filtration technologies is used to preserve protein quality and nutritional integrity.