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Webinar: Increase convenience and training effectiveness with overnight recovery

September 21, 2017

Timing protein intake is a crucial part of a nutrition strategy aimed at maximizing the result of a training effort. In our science driven webinar, Maastricht Universities Jorn Trommelen PhD (c) demonstrated recent research showing protein supplementation in the evening is an excellent and effective moment for protein intake. This review article provides a thorough summary of the research of the Maastricht Univerisity group on Overnight recovery. This enables the growing group of recreational athletes that seeks to optimize the results of their training, to take supplements at a more convenient time than directly after training. Missed the webinar, you can view it here

Wake up to the possibilities of Excellion Protein
At FrieslandCampina DMV we understand that this slow release of amino acids during a long period, gives businesess the opportunity to launch protein concepts especially focussed on Overnight Recovery. Taken into consideration that athletes are often struggling taking their protein shake immediately after workout, they can now take their proteins at a more convenient time.

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